Tuesday, September 8, 2009


June 29-30

We were lucky to get our cute little nephew for the night! Milk Dud loved it.

We think "O" is GREAT!! When do we get him again?

Since "O" sucks his thumb and Milk Dud had not seen
much of it he had to see what it was all about!

We took lots of pictures so we could send them to Mommy all day.

And he is so cute how could you not take lots!!

25 Inch Walleye

June 29

Ice Cream went fishing with Papa and caught a 25 inch walleye!!

We cooked it up for him and he could not eat a whole fillet!

Monday, September 7, 2009

1st Beach Day

June 25

Not sure if the kids like the sand or the water more!

Soccer Season

June 20th

We are really enjoying soccer. Candy is having fun and scoring goals. She enjoys her friends and they have a team song.

Ice Cream is our defense guy. He loves to make sure no one scores a goal against them. He really enjoys that position. He does not love being up front and knows that is not his strong position. Ice Cream's coach played defense in college and encourages him. Most 8 year old boys on his team want to score goals and tend to tease him that he is not scoring. He tried being the goalie today and did not like it. He was really mad at himself when he did let a goal in.

Milk Dud loves to watch and thinks he should be playing as well.

Ready for Kindergarten


Candy was all smiles even knowing she was in for shots!!
All she heard was you need the shots for kindergarten and she was ready!
Candy's stats:
Height 45 1/4 inches tall = 90%
Weight 45 pounds = 80%
All shots went fine.

Ice Cream did not have any shots but he did get measured and eyes checked.
Height 52 3/4 inches = 80%
Weight 60.6 pounds = 70%

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

50th Anniversary

June 11-14

We were able to head to the lake a day early to spend some fun days with my cousins and aunts and uncles. We all gathered for my Aunt and Uncles 50th Anniversary. It was fun to be with everyone but the weather was cool for June. We had about 50 people the night before for supper and since it was so cool we were all inside the cabin.

They had a great party and their kids did a great job putting on a program.
We wish them many happy years.

Below is some cousin fun.

Notice Ice Cream in his swim suit while everyone else is in pants and sweatshirts!!

He wanted to get in and in he did!!

It was cool but he loves the water!

Candy and my cousin's 4 year old were asked to wear the original flower girl dresses. We had them try the dresses on the day before and they just loved parading and twirling around.
As you can see they are great at posing for us.

Congrats to a wonderful family!

All of the nieces and nephews that were able to attend.

Our boys were off that day enjoying our nephews 1st birthday.

Happy Birthday "O"!!
Thanks Auntie for getting matching dresses for the girls to wear!
Candy loves her dress.

My Aunt and Uncle had many foster kids and they grew up with their own 3 children.

They ended up having 5 weddings in 11 months!! The little girls thought it was fun to pretend to be brides with the props after the party!

Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Day of Summer

We moved a few toys around and the barn came upstairs for awhile.
Milk Dud is making lots of animal sounds and really enjoys lining up the animals.

My boys are so wonderful!!

Last Day of School

June 5th

We made it to the end of 2nd Grade of Ice Cream. He was very excited!!

Milk Dud always carries a ball around if given the chance. He loves going to the bus stop.

Candy learned to ride a 2 wheeler this week. She is set for summer!

We had a neighborhood party after school for all the families. The kids had a great time!

Papa B. Retires 41 YEARS

May 29-30

Yes, Doughnuts Dad has been working for the same company for 41 years!
By the amount of friends he had at his parties he will be missed!!

Congrats!! We look forward to seeing you more.

All the Grandkids in their safety goggles!!

We went to the cousin's house before going out to eat and the 5 year olds

enjoyed dressing Milk Dud. He loved it!
We had a fun party Saturday night with 300+

of Papa's friends to wish him the best in retirement.


Last Week of May

I was lucky enough to help in VBS again this year. Candy was able to go with a bunch of neighbor friends to our church. Milk Dud gets to go to the sibling room while I helped out. Below you will see a picture of Milk Dud looking out the window at us on the playground.

Candy had a great week. She made a few new friends and enjoyed going everyday.

1st Cabin Weekend

May 22-24

The cabin season has started!! We had a wonderful weekend. It was not real warm but we did enjoy a little water time.

The kids enjoyed climbing their favorite tree and the new Ice Cream truck that drew them to the road FAST!! Thanks Papa for buying them treats!