Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crazy - I started a new business!!!

Just wanted to say that I started a new business and have had great feedback and have been busy trying to get this all going.

Here is my web address check me out!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics 2010

We had a great Valentine's Weekend.

We were lucky enough to have Papa and Nana babysit all afternoon and evening on Saturday and Doughnut and I were able to do a little shopping and have a relaxing meal out! We really enjoyed our time and the kids had a blast. The kids went to the movies and then enjoyed being with Nana and Papa. I am lucky to have a GREAT VALENTINE to share the weekend with!

On Sunday, Valentine's day, we had a pajama day. We all slept in (does not happen here as we are usually at church) but today we let them sleep in.

We are really excited for the Olympics and we made a score board to watch how many medals the USA will take. We spent quite a big of time cutting out medals, snow flakes for our boarder, and finding out we already had 4 medals. We had to color the silver ones as we did not have gray paper but the other colors were as close as we could get. (We did not plan this, it just happened.) Ice Cream stayed with the project the whole time (usually he hates crafts) and Candy was in her glory. We are excited to see our chart fill up in the next two week. We think our medals might be too large and we will overlap by the end.


We have been missing for MONTHS!! I know and if you are still looking for us we are still around. We have been busy but I have also found other things to do with this time. (Found facebook and that takes most of the computer time.)

We thought we would try and get back to posting a little. We made some fun Valentine's again this year. The kids each picked what they wanted to make out of a magazine and they turned out GREAT!!

Ice Cream made a space ship with google eyes. It said, "You're Out of this World." I was able to attend his class party and the kids loved looking and laughing at them. He got a lot of great compliments.

Candy made a beautiful flower out of hearts. She cut all the hearts out and I helped with the middle and leaves. If we had more time she would have done all of it but we needed to get done.

I did not get to attend Candy's class party but I think she enjoyed giving them out.

Candy also just got her hair cut and it turned out a lot shorter then we asked for. It is really cute and will grow. The first thing she asked for was a pony tail. (It was not long enough for one before we cut it but she thought it might be now.)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


June 29-30

We were lucky to get our cute little nephew for the night! Milk Dud loved it.

We think "O" is GREAT!! When do we get him again?

Since "O" sucks his thumb and Milk Dud had not seen
much of it he had to see what it was all about!

We took lots of pictures so we could send them to Mommy all day.

And he is so cute how could you not take lots!!

25 Inch Walleye

June 29

Ice Cream went fishing with Papa and caught a 25 inch walleye!!

We cooked it up for him and he could not eat a whole fillet!

Monday, September 7, 2009

1st Beach Day

June 25

Not sure if the kids like the sand or the water more!

Soccer Season

June 20th

We are really enjoying soccer. Candy is having fun and scoring goals. She enjoys her friends and they have a team song.

Ice Cream is our defense guy. He loves to make sure no one scores a goal against them. He really enjoys that position. He does not love being up front and knows that is not his strong position. Ice Cream's coach played defense in college and encourages him. Most 8 year old boys on his team want to score goals and tend to tease him that he is not scoring. He tried being the goalie today and did not like it. He was really mad at himself when he did let a goal in.

Milk Dud loves to watch and thinks he should be playing as well.