Monday, August 31, 2009

1st Day of Summer

We moved a few toys around and the barn came upstairs for awhile.
Milk Dud is making lots of animal sounds and really enjoys lining up the animals.

My boys are so wonderful!!

Last Day of School

June 5th

We made it to the end of 2nd Grade of Ice Cream. He was very excited!!

Milk Dud always carries a ball around if given the chance. He loves going to the bus stop.

Candy learned to ride a 2 wheeler this week. She is set for summer!

We had a neighborhood party after school for all the families. The kids had a great time!

Papa B. Retires 41 YEARS

May 29-30

Yes, Doughnuts Dad has been working for the same company for 41 years!
By the amount of friends he had at his parties he will be missed!!

Congrats!! We look forward to seeing you more.

All the Grandkids in their safety goggles!!

We went to the cousin's house before going out to eat and the 5 year olds

enjoyed dressing Milk Dud. He loved it!
We had a fun party Saturday night with 300+

of Papa's friends to wish him the best in retirement.


Last Week of May

I was lucky enough to help in VBS again this year. Candy was able to go with a bunch of neighbor friends to our church. Milk Dud gets to go to the sibling room while I helped out. Below you will see a picture of Milk Dud looking out the window at us on the playground.

Candy had a great week. She made a few new friends and enjoyed going everyday.

1st Cabin Weekend

May 22-24

The cabin season has started!! We had a wonderful weekend. It was not real warm but we did enjoy a little water time.

The kids enjoyed climbing their favorite tree and the new Ice Cream truck that drew them to the road FAST!! Thanks Papa for buying them treats!

Candy Graduates from Preschool

May 21st

Candy graduated from preschool today!! We shed a few tears and her teacher did a GREAT job with the graduation ceremony. She had hats for all the kids, and as they walked across the stage the teacher stated what the students wanted to be when they grew up. Candy wanted to be a dancer when she grew up. We are so proud of all that Candy was able to do this year and look forward to seeing her off on a bus in the fall!!

The day after graduation the class had a fun day at the park for their last day of school. We brough graduation hat treats for the kids to eat and everyone loved them. We will miss all of our preschool friends. Thanks for a great year!

Ice Cream School Projects

May 21st

Ice Cream had an open house to show us projects he had been working on in school this year. He had a wonderful report, art projects, climbing the rope in gym, and a computer project as just a few. We enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things he has learned in 2nd grade. He is a great students and enjoys learning. Ice Cream gets to call home on the football phone when great things are done at school. The students never know when it is but if they get a good test, or spelling, or do something great they get to call home. The last time he call Papa was there and got to answer and hear about his 100% math test.


May 21st

School life for Doughnut is a little crazy.

It is a fun week at school and this is what the students wanted him to dress as.

He is excited his Halloween costume is now done!!

Spring Started Warm!!

May 19th

We had a beautiful spring day and the kids enjoyed a little sprinkler time!!

Milk Dud just loves the water and cannot get enough of it.!