Monday, March 23, 2009

Last bit of Spring Break

March 12-15
We had a wonderful end of spring break.
We traveled to see great friends and their two beautiful daughters.

Thanks to Nana and Papa, the older kids enjoyed the long car ride with their new DVD players. (Great Christmas gift!) Milk Dud enjoyed the ride so much he forgot to take a nap!! Lucky for him, Mom sat near and entertained him for 6 hours!

We enjoyed a trip to a Children's Museum.

We made homemade pizza. Every0ne made it the way they wanted it.

We enjoyed getting the kids doughnuts. Our
Goddaughter had this to say about doughnuts awhile back, and
we just had to treat her again.

We enjoyed a cool day at the zoo. By the end, we had a few less layers and a lot of wet feet. The melting snow was almost as much fun as the animals. We did see a very pregnant giraffe and were able to feed her. Did you know that a garaffe does not sit down once pregnant and is with baby for 15 months!

Our first outdoor picnic of the year!!

We brought our Wii along for Ice Cream to play during down times. He was able to play with the adults after all the younger kids went to bed. He loved that. On the last day, as we were packing, we let the middle children play. When we went to eat brunch the babies thought it was their turn and jumped right up to play.

Spring break = indoors???

We did it!! I got out of the house and on time for an outing with 5 kids. I am so lucky to have great nieces and wonderful kids. We had a great day, enjoyed our picnic lunches and were joined by our nephew and other Auntie.

Milk Dud was like a new kid here.
We were here 6 weeks ago and he had a hard time climbing and
doing everything by himself.
Today, he just took off and tried and did everything.
Our little guy is getting BIG!!

This is the large slide that all the kids just loved.
If you know sign language, Milk Dud is signing
"MORE" before he is even off the slide.

Swimming with Cousins - spring break

March 8th

We had a great spring break. We were lucky enough to have the cousins for a night. We started with a fun swim at our community center. Auntie stayed and helped so we could all swim. Everyone had a great time. Auntie stayed for dinner but was soon asked to leave by her youngest. She kept saying, "I thought you were leaving us Mommy."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy - spring break starts

March 5th
We were lucky to get our nieces for a visit on Doughnuts birthday. We surprised Ice Cream at school and watched the sundaes. Then we went outside as it was warm and there was just enough snow left to get in a few runs. (There was a HUGE pile of water at the bottom so we all were wet and dirty when we got in. Sorry, Auntie for sending all the snow stuff home WET and DIRTY!)

Happy Birthday Doughnut!! We had a wonderful celebration on Thursday, March 5th. Daddy wanted homemade pizza, and brownie triffle for supper. We then were able to surprise him with a few new gifts one being Mario Cart for the WII. Everyone got into it. It did not take Milk Dud long to know how to turn the wheel.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pop Corn and a Principal Sundae

We finished "I love to Read Month" at school with a bang!! The school of 150 students was challenged to read 108,000 minutes in the month of February. Last year, they read 107,999 minutes so they were going to beat it by ONE minute this year. I heard from Ice Cream many times this month, "if I had only read one more minute last year." Well, Ice Cream loves to read, listen to us read, and listen to books on tape. His goal was to have 100 minutes a day because he knew many days he would be over and might get about 1000 a week. If the school met the large goal, they would get a popcorn party and the Principal would be made into an ice cream sundae. The school ended up reading over 140,000 minutes in those 28 days in February. Ice Cream had the most minutes read in his class, so he was able to help make the Principal into a sundae. It was fun to go watch. The kids were very proud of themselves.

The first picture is the second/third grade teachers. (They have combined classrooms with both grades in each room.) Then Ice Cream's classmates.

Ice Cream getting his popcorn.

Principal becoming a sundae.


Today we went to the library. Candy can hardly wait to look at the books when we get home and Milk Dud joined right in today. Milk Dud is looking at books and finding things in pictures for us now. His favorite is I SPY books and an alphabet book.

I guess he likes things that start with a "B"

In case you missed the last "B" thing check here. He also loves broccoli. We steam our broccoli and he always wants it right away. As you can see below he cannot get enough.

Fire Truck Birthday Party

Candy was invited to a birthday party at a fire station.

It was tons of fun.

Here are a few pictures from that day of the birthday boy and Candy.