Sunday, March 8, 2009

Favorite Book Characters

February 27th

I love to read month at Ice Cream's school included a dress-up as your favorite character day. The families were welcome to join at the end of the day to see a magician. In case you need a little help - Candy is Fancy Nancy, Milk Dud is Winnie the Pooh, and Ice Cream is Harry Potter.

At our school carnival I was able to bid on a few teacher sponsored events. We won a night with the school media center person for a pizza party and movie night. I actually one 3 passes so Ice Cream was able to invite a few friends. It turned out to be quite a few of his friends that won so they had a great time.

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Alana said...

A note for C from E: Next year for Halloween, I think I'm going to be Fancy Nancy! I LOVE your outfit and I LOVE Fancy Nancy! I have lots of her books! And I want a playdate soon! And maybe we can dress up as Fancy Nancy then!