Monday, March 23, 2009

Last bit of Spring Break

March 12-15
We had a wonderful end of spring break.
We traveled to see great friends and their two beautiful daughters.

Thanks to Nana and Papa, the older kids enjoyed the long car ride with their new DVD players. (Great Christmas gift!) Milk Dud enjoyed the ride so much he forgot to take a nap!! Lucky for him, Mom sat near and entertained him for 6 hours!

We enjoyed a trip to a Children's Museum.

We made homemade pizza. Every0ne made it the way they wanted it.

We enjoyed getting the kids doughnuts. Our
Goddaughter had this to say about doughnuts awhile back, and
we just had to treat her again.

We enjoyed a cool day at the zoo. By the end, we had a few less layers and a lot of wet feet. The melting snow was almost as much fun as the animals. We did see a very pregnant giraffe and were able to feed her. Did you know that a garaffe does not sit down once pregnant and is with baby for 15 months!

Our first outdoor picnic of the year!!

We brought our Wii along for Ice Cream to play during down times. He was able to play with the adults after all the younger kids went to bed. He loved that. On the last day, as we were packing, we let the middle children play. When we went to eat brunch the babies thought it was their turn and jumped right up to play.

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Ms. Huis Herself said...

Hooray! Great pix! Love the doughnuts one, and your "littles playing Wii" turned out way better than mine! Fun zoo pix, too!