Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Cooking

October 24, 2008

We had a girls play date for Candy and a boys play date for Ice Cream this week.

Candy and her friends had a great time decorating cut-out cookies. They all enjoyed the frosting and sprinkles. We then had a tea party with our cookies and used our fancy tea sets. We did not get any pictures from the tea party but we had a great time.

For Ice Cream's play date we decided to make carmel apples. Being the boys are in 2nd grade, we cut their apples off the stick as they were both missing a few teeth. They were really tasty.


We were boo-ed... a fun tradition that is going around our neighborhood. We have done it for the last few years, and this year our kids could not wait to get boo-ed. What happens is a family brings a treat to your door, rings the bell, and runs away. This leaves you with a cute note and a task of passing it to two other familes. We place a boo sign (pictured below) on our door so people know not to boo us again. Getting back to the kids .... Any time the door bell rang, they ran to see if someone boo-ed them. So once we were hit, they could not wait to get someone else (we went out to get others the same day we were hit. (I am not sure if the getting the treat or going to boo someone else is the best part.) We booed one family. It was fun to see Ice Cream run up to the door not realizing the door bell was broken and then have to go up there again. This happened many times before he would believe it was broken. We could see our friends in the window and Ice Cream had to carefully sneak to the door. Maybe being a spy is in his future. Candy, on the other hand, would not leave my side. She just waited in the back to see what happened. We had a great night and really enjoyed ourselves.

Here is a web page with how to start in your neighborhood.

You can see Ice Cream put on his darkest jacket so no one could see him. Then Candy wanted to have a dark jacket and I said she does not get close enough for people to see her and she said, "OK".

Monday, October 20, 2008

Corn Maze

October 18, 2008

We had a great day at the corn maze. It started really cold but soon the layers were off, and we enjoyed the fall day. They had lots to do and see.

This was the child's "haybail maze". The big kids enjoyed running on top and jumping over the openings. Ice Cream thought this was great and got braver and braver to jump over larger areas the more he played.

We then found this GREAT "corn pit". Much like the ball pits you see at indoor parks this one was full of corn. It was HUGE! I should have taken a picture of the whole thing. We all enjoyed it, but the corn found its way into all the pockets and cuffs of all our clothes. We have been finding corn in the wash for a week.

We did do the actual corn maze. Daddy took us around it fast, and we found all the places we were suppose to be. Candy was excited to find a corn cob on the ground. We said they could not pick the ones on the stalks.

Milk Dud fell asleep even with all the excitement.

We then found the pig races. We have never seen them before but enjoyed watching them run. They really do run fast. They were after a mini doughnut, so who would not run fast?

Before we could leave we had to make one more stop in the corn pit. Candy even enjoyed the feel of the corn in her toes.

We had a great day and enjoyed a family outing together. We picked one of the busiest days the maze had, and we still had tons of fun. We did not get to see the petting zoo or the magic show, so we will have to try this again another year.

Fall School Break

October 17th, 2008

We were really excited to have Ice Cream, Candy, and Doughnut off for a few days. We were able to take in another play. We have really enjoyed the local productions this last year and were excited to see this one about a Pirate!!

Two Dads were able to join us!!

Candy and her really good friend from our old house.

Candy and "E" getting autographs after the play.

Candy would not get near the big pirate and this is the only one Ice Cream would go by.

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

October 11, 2008

We have been having a beautiful fall. I just love all the colors. We decided to take the kids to a local park. We had a wonderful afternoon hiking. Milk Dud is getting so close to walking.