Monday, February 23, 2009


We just got back from the waterpark. Wow, are we tired. This is our 2nd, hopefully annual, time to the waterpark. Candy was sick last year so she was really excited to go. We with four other families from our neighborhood. We all stayed overnight and enjoyed lots of rides.

Milk Dud is now 17 months and just loves the water. He wanted to go down all the big/little rides and did many of the small ones by himself.

Candy tried all the rides and said her favorite ones were the bodyslides which we thought she was too small for. She loved sleeping in bunk beds and now wants some for her room. Candy tried the surfing ride 2 times. We thought after the first try she would not go back but she did. She was able to stay on for quite some time.

Ice Cream really likes the lazy river but is not very lazy on it. He enjoys swimming to empty tubes and moving fast. He tried the surfing ride a lot less this year. He fell off the first try and hurt his collar bone, but he tried again. Not as many tricks this year from him. The lines were long.

Doughnut (Dad) did some great tricks on the surfing ride. He did a barrel roll at least 2 times before falling off.

I enjoyed all the rides. The women went on the family ride together (it is a large tube everyone sits in). One friend kept saying how much she hated going down the ride backwards. Well, I knew that if I asked the lifeguard quietly to make sure she was backwards he would help me out. My friend in the poka-dot-suit had no idea I did that and when the lifeguard turned us as he pushed us down the tube she was confused. I laughed the whole way down and of course broke the news at the bottom. I sure hope she has forgiven me, but I am still laughing!

This was our group last year. Unfortunely, we did not get a large group picture this year.


February 19th

I really like to bake. It makes me happy when I know my family and friends really enjoy what I have made. Today we made buns to go with supper. We have not made them for a while, so my family was excited. Milk Dud could not WAIT for them to be done. We kept checking on them to see if they were ready. He was very sad, as you can see below, when we had to wait longer. We did not wait for dinner and ate a few as soon as they were cool enough.

Last year, for Ice Cream's birthday, we were talking about what to bring for a treat to his class. He said, "Mom, I would really like to bring your buns for everyone. I know you have to bring in store bought food but that is what I would really want." (We thought that was great for a 1st grader to choose buns over sweats.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wigs - from 1970's?

February 19th
We had a few friends here today. They decided to play dress-up and I did not even get the camera out for that. But when they found the wigs I had to take a few shots.

This is Candy looking at herself in the mirror.

Great Weekend with Zach the Zebra

We had Zach for the whole weekend.
He is the traveling zebra from Candy's preschool.
This is our last day with him.

Thanks honey for the beautiful flowers, cake, and MP3 player!!

What do you get when it melts and then freezes?

A fun place for kids to play.
Just make sure the moms know they will be WET!!

Good Friends!!

Valentine's Night Good Friends

We live in one of the greatest neighborhoods around. When Doughnut and I were looking to move, I wanted a neighborhood with lots of kids. We got it. We enjoy everyone so much and look forward to nicer weather when we see people more. We were lucky enough to be invited to a Valentine Party right next door. We had pizza and treats. The adults enjoyed a little Guitar Hero and band time while the kids watched movies and fell asleep. (OK - my kids did not fall asleep and Candy was up until 1:00 when I took her home. Just another reason why we should not let her sleep in the afternoon. She was GREAT the next two days and I do not regret the fun evening at all.) Ice Cream fell asleep around midnight, so not much better, but they were all good. I guess we will have to host soon. What holiday is next??!!??!

Kindergarden Screening

February 13th

Candy went to her Kindergarden screening today. Now she tells us she just needs her shots and she can go. (Ice Cream keeps telling her how many shots she will get, but she does not seem too nervous yet.) She did a great job, and they let us come and watch everything. She scored 28/28 for her age which is great. She weighed in at 90% (crazy as she is very thin) but her height was also at 90%!

We also ahd Zach the preschool zebra for the weekend. You will see him pop up on pictures in the next 2-3 posts!! We had a good time with him and scrapbooked what we did with him for the school book.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Candy's School Valentine's Party

February 13th

I was able to sneak into Candy's school Valentine party and take a few pictures. The kids had a great time delivering their Valentine's and enjoyed a good story. They did a little freeze dancing!! Candy loves to dance and it was fun to pose when the music stopped.
The teachers made rice krispie treats inside the foil.
It was so cute!!

Candy loves to dress-up and wear her fun/dressy coats.

Milk Dud just sat and watched all the kids dance and he enjoyed his snack.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trying to get the group together

February 13th

So since they were all dressed for their Valentine parties I got the camera out. Milk Dud was so funny because he did not want anyone by him for a picture. He wanted to be in the picture by himself as you can see below.