Thursday, February 5, 2009

Candy's Room

I can say our kids go to bed really easy. They are allowed to look at books for awhile to help them go to sleep. but they usually even turn out their own lights when done. Candy also takes time to redo her room. Tonight Candy was not real tired as she fell asleep during quiet time during the afternoon (only happens every once in awhile). When she does take a nap she has a hard time going to sleep at night. As long as our kids are quiet and in their rooms we are pretty good with what they are doing. This is not unlike her to set things up around her. (Two night ago she had all the Barbies all around her and she feel asleep on the floor). I thought it was cute and had to post it.

This is the next day during quiet time. She made a pillow fort and fell asleep in the middle. I could post on this almost daily with something new she has made.

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Alana said...

Those are so funny! Her pal E does the very same thing---I'm always moving piles of books and dolls from her bed before I go to sleep!