Monday, February 23, 2009


We just got back from the waterpark. Wow, are we tired. This is our 2nd, hopefully annual, time to the waterpark. Candy was sick last year so she was really excited to go. We with four other families from our neighborhood. We all stayed overnight and enjoyed lots of rides.

Milk Dud is now 17 months and just loves the water. He wanted to go down all the big/little rides and did many of the small ones by himself.

Candy tried all the rides and said her favorite ones were the bodyslides which we thought she was too small for. She loved sleeping in bunk beds and now wants some for her room. Candy tried the surfing ride 2 times. We thought after the first try she would not go back but she did. She was able to stay on for quite some time.

Ice Cream really likes the lazy river but is not very lazy on it. He enjoys swimming to empty tubes and moving fast. He tried the surfing ride a lot less this year. He fell off the first try and hurt his collar bone, but he tried again. Not as many tricks this year from him. The lines were long.

Doughnut (Dad) did some great tricks on the surfing ride. He did a barrel roll at least 2 times before falling off.

I enjoyed all the rides. The women went on the family ride together (it is a large tube everyone sits in). One friend kept saying how much she hated going down the ride backwards. Well, I knew that if I asked the lifeguard quietly to make sure she was backwards he would help me out. My friend in the poka-dot-suit had no idea I did that and when the lifeguard turned us as he pushed us down the tube she was confused. I laughed the whole way down and of course broke the news at the bottom. I sure hope she has forgiven me, but I am still laughing!

This was our group last year. Unfortunely, we did not get a large group picture this year.

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