Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ice Cream - open house

With school less then a week away it was time to meet his new teacher. It will be a fun year this year. Ice Cream will be in second grade and at our school he has second and third graders in the same classroom. We are excited to see how it works.

Milk Dud loves balls. He could lift this ball by himself. Last year there were two classrooms that used balls for their chairs - Ice Cream was in one of those classrooms. This year all the students get to use balls. Ice Cream was in the news talking last year about being on the ball.

Rainy Day

It rained today for the first time almost all summer. We need the rain, so I cannot complain. We had a park day planned so we changed it to an inside playdate. It was full, but our kids never seem to complain.

We had a fun group of kids with us and found more as the day went on. It is amazing how many people you run into at a place like this. I think our friends all had the same idea.

Lunch in the indoor park. Notice how many green plants they have in there. It is fun to go here when we have snow on the ground.

Scooters are fun and Milk Dud thinks he is a big kid now.

Milk Dud also loves balls. He will go after any ball he sees.

Cousin Day - plants, flowers, waterfalls

We were able to see the cousins again this week. I have to say I have great sister-in-laws and my only complaint is we do not see them often enough. We always have a good time, the kids get along really well, and they are just fun to be with. I am blessed that Doughnuts brother's married some great women and they have become great mothers.

My attempt at taking some pictures of the beauty we saw.

Newest cousin "O" was a great baby. He is proving to be a big kid and was on the top of the charts for 2 months old.

Cousins "K" were able to join us also. They are the same age as our two oldest.

Candy Preschool

Candy starts preschool next week so this week we had a chance
to go meet her teacher
Ms. Apple (not her real name) and see her classroom.

Her new teacher Ms. Apple

We are proud of Ice Cream. He read "Freckle Juice" until he was done while kids played at open house. He is really enjoying books and this one was a fast read for him. Thanks Judy Blume for such great books.

Milk Dud found this room lots of fun. I think he might want to stay.


We were able to stop on the way home and see Papa and Grandma. Grandma just had both knees replaced and is doing quite well.

We were also able to see Papa's Garden. He has 58 tomato plants and the kids wanted to help pick. Not all the tomatoes are ready but they did find a few. We were excited to get some fresh veggies from him and they taste GREAT!!

Last Summer Weekend at Cabin

This was our last summer weekend at the cabin. We have had a great summer. Looking back each trip, the kids have found different things to keep them busy. This weekend you will see we had lots of bubbles, fires, and the Farmer's Market.
This is the cabin we enjoy so much.

We had sweet corn this weekend. Milk Dud had his first try and loved it. We had to go get more to have additional meals with corn.

Doughnut and Ice Cream were able to play some catch this weekend. Milk Dud found the ball and a glove in the cabin and her crawled to the glove and put the ball into the glove. He is a fast learner!

Papa Popcorn brought out all his bubble machines this weekend. Wow- the kids had a blast.
We were able to let Doughnut sleep in on Saturday as it was cold and we all went to the Farmer's Market. Daddy loves to sleep late so as soon as Milk Dud woke -we left. Daddy said it was great sleeping until 11:00 am.

Off to the Farmer's Market in town. Where we live there is not a farmer's market close, so it was fun to watch the kids take it all in. We gave each of them $2 and Candy knew she wanted flowers right away. No surprise as she told dad after watching the Olympics she wanted to be a ballerina, gymnist, princess, flower girl when she grows up. She was very proud of her flowers. She bought the first red one for $1. Then found someone else that had purple ones and asked how much their flowers were and he said, ".75 cents"but for you little girl is is FREE." She smiled at that one and said, "Thankyou" (Made mom proud she remembered her manners.) Then she found the sun flowers and asked how much they were and he said, ".50 cents but if you buy one I will give you one FREE." She was on a roll. I might have to have her buy all the produce next time. She loved it and could not wait to bring them into the cabin to make it pretty.

Milk Dud did not know what to think.

Ice Cream is our saver and wants to check everything out. He looked and looked and looked. Papa bought a doughnut for him and then he liked it so much he did buy a pack for himself. He came home with $1 leftover in his pocket.

Milk Dud could hardly wait for us to cook the corn the second night. He knew what he wanted for supper.

Notice Candy still eating - table clear but her beautiful flowers are in the blender as we do not have vases at the cabin. (She did not want to eat her peas or melon. Once she tried the melon from the farmers market I had to get it back out of the fridge for seconds. She was willing to sit there and eat slowly so she could have a smores at the fire. (We read a book about fires and I asked her what you cook on a fire and she said smores. I guess we have to teach her there are more options over a fire.)

It was a cool weekend for us and they all used sweatshirts. This is our good cabin neighbor. The kids just love playing with her. Their cabin is for sale and we will hate to see them go. If you know someone looking for a cabin we know of a nice one with great kids to play with.

Milk Dud has found that "empty the toy box" is a great game.

Daddy Doughnut takes some great pictures of the kids at the fire. They are a little dark here but we enjoy them.

More Bubbles

Milk Dud is now standing without pulling up on things. He does not know what to do once he stands but he likes to get up. It will not be long before we have a new walker.

We built a huge fire as we needed to get the water toys out and thought the fire could warm us when we got back in. We should not have to worry about the temperature in August but it was cool. We got the jumper put away and the jet skies out. It is sad to think we are done for the summer. We do look forward to next summer.