Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Fun - long drive

What a beautiful wedding - again. We had a wonderful time seeing friends we have not seen in years. We were so glad to be part of their wonderful day.

Bride's family has a tradition at Christmas to remember her brother by letting go balloons.
We miss him lots.

Our parents are always looking to give advice.
Two of the four moms have to check out the groom for their friends daughter.

Got my kids cleaned up before the wedding. The white shirt on Milk Dud did not stay clean as he is still crawling on his belly. I forgot about how dirty it would get. They looked good at first. Candy could not wait to wear her "fancy" dress.

Candy was so excited because the bride talked to her. Thanks for doing that for her. It was exciting. I told Candy that the bride was the prettiest girl at the party and she said, "I am really pretty today though." Sorry, I guess it is a tie.

We did not call everyone in advance and we were not part of the wedding party.
We just all wore black. Great to be with fun friends.

New kids to play with. Grandmas were proud of the grand kids.

Bride's Family all dressed up. These are some of our childhood friends all grown-up.

Groomsmen all got fun shoes to wear, but they did not even stay on with all the dancing. The women might have kept their shoes on longer.

Another great family with new Grandkids for the grandmothers to brag about!

We know these two have guys but we have not seen them!!
We cannot wait to meet them soon.

Trying to get a good picture of these three was hard.
Sorry - I had to post this one for those that were there.

Same thing happened here - M you crazy girl with the grabby fingers!!

We had a great time dancing!

My kids loved the party but did not make it all night.

We had a wonderful lunch the next morning.

It was one long ride back home... about 5 hours and the kids did really well. We were able to borrow a DVD player for the big kids and Milk Dud took a few naps. They were all ready to be done when we got home.

Thanks for doing a lot of the driving Doughnut.

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