Monday, August 4, 2008


Papa Popcorn was watching Milk Dud in his "safe areas" and he lost him. Milk Dud learned to climb over another blocking wall. (We had used a toy box, pack-n-play, and a doll crib.) This is a new house to us with a baby so we have not had to gate another child in here. Well, this third child has made it over everything and now at 10 months he can climb over the toy box to get to Candy's art table. This is how we found him.

Look Mom - I have fun things to play with on the table.

This is the gate we have for the other side of the room
but it is not large enough for the playroom.

The next day, so we can see how he got up, we all stood on the non Milk Dud area (by the art table) and he was not happy until he remembered he could climb!

New solution- Daddy is so wise.
We used the kitchen set with the pack-n-play.
We will see how long this lasts.

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