Monday, June 22, 2009

Race for the Cure

May 15th

We walked/froze in the Race for the Cure again this year. In years past we have enjoyed a great walking miles and miles. This year it was so cold we barely moved most of the night. When we packed up and went home it was 38 degrees and the sun had been up for 2 hours. The tent was cold!! We did raise money for cancer research and are proud of our kids for not complaining! We only hope for better weather next year!

1st TOOTH lost....lost

May 14th

Candy had a tooth that was sooo close to falling out. Daddy took them to the park and and when they came home to get ready for bed and she was brushing her teeth the tooth was GONE!!

Candy did not panic just said, "I lost my tooth." We were able to write a note and the tooth fairy still came. We will never know where that tooth went! Smiles are looking very different here now!

Papa's Birthday

May 13th

We had a Rock Band birthday party for Papa Popcorn. We had everyone enjoying the new Wii again. They played until way past their bedtimes.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Below is my Dad's college roommate "Uncle" to all of us!

Preschool Field Trip to the Zoo

May 13th

Candy and I were able to go on a field trip with her preschool. (Lucky for us that someone was able to watch Milk Dud for the morning.) It started out cold and rainy, got hot while we ate our picnic lunch, and then started to rain as we pulled into the parking lot at the end.
We were able to spend some time with her friends and see some wonderful animals. It was fun having just Candy for a change.

Many of the girls from Candy's class.

It smells in here is what we heard over and over again!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mother's Day

May 10

We had a beautiful Mother's day. The kids (with Dad) made me breakfast in bed. They made buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and ice cream for topping. (My favorite!) We ate slowly and shared bites with everyone. The kids made cards and I just loved them.

My dad was able to get Great Grandma here for the afternoon so we met them for lunch. We enjoyed a quiet meal out. It was nice not to cook at all!

We then went to a local favorite garden area to see the tulips. It was a beautiful day. We thought Great Grandma would enjoy it but Papa forgot the foot pedals to her wheel chair and the place was packed so they did not have any left to rent. So Papa drove around and they could see quite a few from the car but then they left.

We enjoyed the park for a couple hours and our kids wanted to stay longer. As you can see they found lots to look at.

Thanks for making it a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Last fall Milk Dud was just learning to walk!

Now.... Milk Dud leads the way!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy's Friend Birthday Party

May 3rd

Candy celebrated her 5th birthday with friends. She knew who she wanted and her list was BIG. That is our little social butterfly. She wanted the boys and the girls.

We enjoyed having the party at the local gym and everyone had a good time. We were able to play some running games, bounce house, and ducky wucky (family favorite) with the kids.

May Day

May 1st

I just love May Day. We celebrated this as kids and loved getting out there early before anyone else was out. Our neighborhood does not really do much but I remind my kids that it is the fun of delivering gifts (candy) to others and having them be surprised. We got up early and my kids were surprised when they got a few baskets from neighbors.

Rock band is now a family favorite and

Milk Dud enjoys playing a few tunes with the boys!!

Candy's birthday

April 28

Our day was planned months ago. Let me take you back just a little.

When I was due with Milk Dud, Sept. 2007, I was OVERDUE. My mother suggested we go get pedicures that evening. We took Candy with us and she enjoyed getting her nails painted but not the FULL treatment with her feet in the tub. (She was 3 1/2 years old.) She has never forgotten that night and has always said she would go back when her feet reached the tub.

A few months ago she said when she turned 5 her feet would reach the tub at the pedicure place. That is what she asked for and that is what she got. Candy and I went and got our feet done. She loved it, was quiet and showed her feet and hands to everyone that would look for days.

When leaving I asked how she liked it.

She said she would like to do it again when she turned 7.

I was thinking this was a fun tradition to start but why wait 2 years. I said, "Well how old are you today? "

She said, "5."

I said, "What comes after 5?"

She is a quick learner and said, "Yeh when I am 6!!"

It is a date for sure!

Bible Day for Ice Cream

April 26th

Ice Cream was giving a Bible in church today.

He was excited to see it and we will be going to a small class on reading the Bible.

We are getting ready to start Wednesday school next year.

He is almost done with Sunday school at our church.

Family Birthday Party

April 25th

We just keep celebrating these birthdays. Ice Cream and Candy celebrated with our families. We are lucky enough to have them all close so we were able to enjoy a day together.

The kids had a great day and enjoyed playing rock band. We put it together that morning for the families to play. Everyone joined in and had a great time. We start touring soon!!

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts the kids were given. We have very generous families and our kids were spoiled.

Milk Dud 18 Month Check-up

Ok - so this one is out of order but I almost forgot.

April 16

Height 33 1/2 inches = 70%
Weight 26 lbs 2 oz = 50%
Head size 20 1/8 inch = off the charts
Ok - so our kids have huge heads!! Everything else went really good. Had one small shot and Milk Dud did just great.
It is hard to believe how big he is getting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nieces 8th and 5th Birthday Party

April 24th

Celebrated our nieces 8th and 5th birthdays!!
It was a cool night but everyone had a great time.

Happy Birthday Girls!
Cute flip flop cake!