Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy's birthday

April 28

Our day was planned months ago. Let me take you back just a little.

When I was due with Milk Dud, Sept. 2007, I was OVERDUE. My mother suggested we go get pedicures that evening. We took Candy with us and she enjoyed getting her nails painted but not the FULL treatment with her feet in the tub. (She was 3 1/2 years old.) She has never forgotten that night and has always said she would go back when her feet reached the tub.

A few months ago she said when she turned 5 her feet would reach the tub at the pedicure place. That is what she asked for and that is what she got. Candy and I went and got our feet done. She loved it, was quiet and showed her feet and hands to everyone that would look for days.

When leaving I asked how she liked it.

She said she would like to do it again when she turned 7.

I was thinking this was a fun tradition to start but why wait 2 years. I said, "Well how old are you today? "

She said, "5."

I said, "What comes after 5?"

She is a quick learner and said, "Yeh when I am 6!!"

It is a date for sure!

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