Monday, June 15, 2009

Hospital - Candy SICK!!

April 6-7

After returning home from Ice Cream's birthday party the babysitter said that Candy had a headache. We treated her for a headache and things went ok (she has never said she had a headache before). During the middle of the night she started to vomit and did not stop for 36 hours. She always said my head hurts so bad mom. She kept very little down but really wanted to drink. She vomited so much and so hard she burst tons of blood vessels on her face and I thought she had a rash for awhile.

On Monday morning, I took her in to make sure we were not missing anything and she could not keep any liquids down. She was dehydrated and needed to head right to the hospital. Lucky for us, Papa was at home and was able to take care of Milk Dud and Dad was able to get out of work. Once we got to the hospital, she did not vomit again but we needed lots of fluids. It took most of that day before she would eat/drink much and by the next morning she was feeling better and ready to go home.

This was our first kid in an overnight in the hospital so we were all a little nervous. We had fantastic nurses and a doctor we just love. We felt in good hands. Candy's playmate sent over balloons, and a stufffed animal for her to love on.

We were glad to get home and suffered a few more headaches that week but just had some kind of virus. We were thankful that no one else got sick. But it seems from that weekend on we have not been able to slow down.

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