Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Wedding

Happy almost 90th Birthday Grandma!

Cabin with Friends

We have been trapping Milk Dud into the family room.

This weekend he learned where the cracks in our wall are.

There is no keeping him in one area now.

Fun times in the water.

Swing - fun and sleep.

Snack time!!

We were excited that our cousin "K" was able to join us for a day.

Milk Dud is doing great with his yoga moves.

6 kids sleeping -long day at the lake

(One we did not snap a shot of - did not want a chance of waking her.)

Breakfast of champions - chocolate cereal - my kids loved it.

Thanks for sharing E's.

Lazy days at the lake.

We told them we had "plants" and E really liked it.

Not sure if mom is getting that suit clean or not?

3 days in the sun - little sleep -

time for a movie while we pack the cars.