Sunday, July 20, 2008


What a wonderful day and new baby was GREAT!!
Doughnut's youngest brother has a beautiful new family.
We were excited to welcome him into the family of God.
Not sure of blog names for them yet - but we hope to see him lots.
New Family - they are GREAT parents already.Doughnuts whole family.

Cousins waiting at the church.

G-pa and G-ma are doing great keeping the kids busy during pictures. Doughnuts other brother has beautiful girls.

Since we looked good we tried to get a family picture. So much for that idea.

Dad and his kids!

All three kids together!!

We went to Auntie and Uncle's house for some GREAT grilling, and salads. We loved the ice cream cake also.

The kids did a great job posing.

They just love the new addition.

Baby was great at taking to bottle from all the willing helpers.

Milk Dud was learning to sit on his knees. He is getting really steady.
He did not like the dog at all. He screamed every time he saw their nice dog.
He does not like the dogs around our house now either.
He screamed the other day when he saw one inside the door.

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