Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We had a great week at the lake. We were all excited to get there... had some plans but mostly just wanted to spend time together.

Started the week looking for our missing anchor. We have a wonderful tire filled with cement to hold the trampoline (a large raft in the water) down. We should write down where we leave it as it is too hard to pull out of the lake in the fall. Doughnut looked and looked, and we finally found it. (Note -it is out from the tree not the door. - I hope the tree does not fall down so we can find it next year.)

Family visits are great. We enjoyed a day of sun with them.

Doughnut's high school friends stopped by to visit. We had 10 kids under 10 with 4 families.

By the way the trampoline is a huge hit - thanks again Uncle Pizza for a great Christmas present last year - it still works GREAT!!

Ice Cream learns to water ski. We have wonderful cabin neighbors that helped Ice Cream try to water ski. He had a few falls but he was sure he could get up. Thanks to a patient boat driver and some great dads helping in the water, he made it.

We love the 4th of July and had lots of Red, White and Blue.

Milk Dudd still loves his sling. We use is almost daily!! This is watching fireworks off the dock. We could see them all around the lake.

The swing is always fun and sometimes a great place for a nap.

Not a lot of fish but here is a keeper from Papa Popcorn. Thanks Pizza for bringing your boat!!

Papa Popcorn made some GREAT meals for us on the grill. We had turkey breast, and pork loin that were fantastic.

We all love the water and spent a lot of time on the jet ski, floaters, boat, and trampoline. Milk Dud even fell asleep out in the lake floating one day.

The kids loved the small sand box but really got into making "plants". We called them mud pies but they said they were "plants" because you have to water plants over and over again. They filled buckets for hours.

Just in case you wanted to know his eyes really are that blue.

We had fires almost nightly. A few days that were too windy. Smores were a big hit with everyone. Candy and Ice Cream had to work together to get wood for the fire using the green box.

Naps were also a great part of our vacation. We even caught Ice Cream napping.... at 7 years old he that does not happen very often. I think everyone enjoyed at least one nap.

We had a great time and look forward to more long weekends at the lake this summer.

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