Friday, June 27, 2008

June - a Full Month

We have done a lot of fun things in June. Here are a few of our highlights.

Ice Cream had a fun field day at the end of 1st grade. He had a wonderful year and a great teacher. There were 13 students in his class at the beginning of the year and ended with 14. Can you believe 3 girls and 11 boys. He has become a great reader, writer, and his math skills have improved a lot. He loved gym. We look forward to next year!!

Milk Dud has been eating more and more. This day he just fell asleep in his chair. He got his first teeth the end of May. He has only tried to bite at a nursing session once. I put him down on the ground and said, "NO BITING." He then turned over crawled to the couch and buried his face in the couch and cried hard. He has not tried that again. He does try to bite siblings if they are grabbing at him or holding him from moving.
He has also become quite the army crawler. He is still on his belling but his legs do a lot more work. It almost looks like a lizard crawling. He can also pull himself up and make it over any small barrier. We still do not have gates up so our day is spent watching him.

Milk Dud also learned to pull himself up to standing and get himself down. He can also get himself back to sitting from a bear crawl (hands and feet). Lots of movement from Milk Dud.

Ice Cream was also in baseball (coach pitch) and soccer. He has enjoyed both and gotten better each week. He caught the only fly ball so far in baseball but then let one go right over him as he was facing the wrong way and bent over. In soccer he is a defence player (his favorite place). He does not want people to score so he likes to stay back. He has not scored a goal yet but we have three games on Saturday to end the season. I do not think he is worried about not scoring.

Meet our first Nephew -
We are excited to welcome our first nephew - O from Doughnut's youngest brother and wife. He came Friday the 13th weighing 8 lbs 2 oz. He is so cute and has lots of hair. Congrats to the new family.

Candy has been done with ECFE (one day preschool) since the beginning of May so her summer has already been busy. She has enjoyed playing with friends. Here is a great friend and they love to dress alike.

Candy also loves to dance and sing. We signed her up for a two day dance class. She loved it. She could not wait to go and would love to be there everyday.

We spent Father's Day at the cabin. We gave Dad "Cups" and everyone had a great time. He also got a beautiful picture of all four of us. Happy Father's Day to a GREAT DAD!!
We were able to stop for some DQ on the way home, a family favorite.
We ended the day with fireworks at G-Pa and G-Ma's house. We were able to watch right over the lake from their backyard. It was great seeing nieces there also.

Ice Cream and Candy both went to Vacation Bible School and had a great time. They learned lots of new songs, played some new games, had great crafts and met some new friends.

Weather has not been great until this last week (too cool). We have been to the pool a couple of times now. We have not been in the lake at the cabin much as it has been cool. We look forard to swimming in July.
Milk Dud loves the water just like his older siblings. Milk Dud fell asleep on my shoulder at the pool this week and slept with all the noise for quite sometime. That is a great patient little brother. Thanks to Papa Popcorn for joining us and playing in the water. Next time we have to remember sunscreen Popcorn also.

Milk Dud turned 9 months old. He did not have to have any shots but we did have to go to the doctor for our check-up. He weighed: 19 lbs 6 oz = 30% Height: 28 1/2 inches = 70% and his head was 18 1/4 inches. He is doing many new things and learning new tricks everyday. So big, clapping, milk, bye bye, blowing kisses are a few of his signs. We are working on: more, all done, water and eat. We will see when he picks up on those.

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Alana said...

LOVE the blog, love the pictures! The kids look great and it looks like you're having a great summer. I love the picture of C & E---you'll have to send me a copy. Have fun blogging!