Sunday, January 25, 2009

Soccer - Inside

January 24

Ice Cream started indoor soccer this weekend. It was fun to see how much he has changed from last summer. I think he still enjoys defense most, but we might see a few more goals as he chases the ball more often. The only good pictures I got are of him during his time playing goalie.

Friday Outing - No School

January 23rd

No school meant a fun day out with all three kids. We were lucky enough to have some friends join us for the day.

Milk Dud loves balls, and this ball pit was just perfect for him.
Milk Dud had gone down the slide a few times by himself and then Candy came over and thought he needed help. I think he is telling her, "Go, I can do without your help!!!" He really did not care, and she helped him a few more times.

Ice Cream wanted to take Milk Dud all they way to the top of the two story tunnels in the play area. Milk Dud thought this was great until he wanted to go different directions.....mostly down. We were trying to get him to the top so we could get out faster.

Ice Cream went down the huge slide with Milk Dud. I got a few pictures, but since I went first, I was still a little dizzy once I got to the bottom.

Here are a few group shots I was able to get.

Frosted Trees at the Bus Stop

January 22

Sledding Playdate

January 20th

We were very lucky when we moved to have great neighbors, and we were also lucky to already know a few families in the area including college friends that have kids the same age. Candy and their youngest are 2 months apart, and we have been having playdates with them since we moved here. This year it has worked to switch kids on Tuesdays. One of us gets a break from kids and the other has a playdate. It is just as easy to have them as they are now almost 5 and they entertain each other all day. Today we went outside and played on the hill in the back yard. We had a great time!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Night Moon

January 19th - Martin Luther King Day - No School

We were able to take the kids to Good Night Moon. I arranged a group to attend. We ended up with 82 people plus 10 children under 2 years old. We all had a great time and enjoyed the show. We are very lucky to have a great theatre here and lots of friends that enjoy going with us. Candy was excited to wear a fancy dress again, and we were able to get another use out of the boys' sweaters.

Baby Shower

January 17th

We had a fun shower for my cousin's wife. Candy had a great time playing with other cousin girls and would love to see them again. Congrats to the soon to be mom and dad.

-20 degrees - school 2 hours late

January 15th

It is REALLY cold at -20 degrees, and then add wind chill, we are cold. Our school was 2 hours late so we enjoyed a warm bowl of COCO Wheats and a science experience from Doughnut. We had heard that if we tossed boiling water into the air it would freeze before it hit the ground. It does freeze, steams a lot, and makes a cool sound. We had to do it twice and then dad said he had to come in it was cold outside.

Playing with Friends

January 13th

Today we had the largest playdate we have had for a long time. We had 3 four year olds, 1 five year old, and 1 three year old along with Candy and Milk Dud. We had a wonderful day and they all got along great. We had lunch, built forts, and played playdough.

Family Swim Night

January 9th

Since both Ice Cream and Candy are in swim lesson and Milk Dud just loves the pool, we have tried to get to the pool more often. Milk Dud just loves the water and went down the slide with the other two and by himself. At one point, he put his hands down and fell on his belly and shot down the slide. He could not stop smiling and wanted to go right back. We had to try and explain you have to sit down. Everyone at the pool kept asking us how old he was and how did we get him to like the water so much? He is still only 15 months.

Doughnut then had him going under the mushroom over and over again. He could barely walk as the water comes down hard but he loved it.

Snow Rides

January 9th

Candy's 1st Swim Lesson

Candy is finally old enough to take swim lessons at our community center. She was so excited. We put her into level two as she is a strong swimmer and has been able to jump off the edge and swim to the side since she was 2 years old. She has passed the swim test to go down the "big" slide and is really ready. Even with this, we are always nervous as she was the youngest one. She just loved it and listened to everything her teacher told her. We could not be more excited to see her love to learn.

4th Tooth GONE

January 5th

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warm Day Inside

January 2nd

We were having a fun day at home and got some great pictures of the kids. Uncle C and Aunt E gave the kids these great fleece sweatshirts. They all love wearing them, and with the cold weather here, we have needed them.

Milk Dud can now get a snack without saying a word. He gets us to go into the pantry, he points for his favorite thing to eat, and sits down at the little black table. We now call the table his snack table. After the flu, he has been eating like crazy and hardly stops all day. Here he is enjoying a snack at the black table.

Candy and Ice Cream are still enjoying the WII. They have been good about knowing how much they get to play. Milk Dud knows that you swing the remotes and something happens. He wants a remote all the time and knows the difference if we give him a real one or something else. If anyone has a WII remote that is broken let us know as we need one for him. He also loves to have it tied to his wrist. I guess he is starting early.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year's Day

Candy and Ice Cream were lucky enough to spend the night at Grandma and Papa's house with their cousins. The next day their uncle took them sledding on the pond. It was really cold, but they had a great time. Thanks Uncle for asking them to go!!

We then took the kids out for pizza on the way home to celebrate 2009. Ice Cream tried new pizzas at the buffet he had never tried, and we are excited he is trying new things. He said his New Year's Resolution is to try new foods. Candy did not know what to do for a resolution.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

1st Hair Cut

December 11

Milk Dud got his first hair cut in December. It was getting long, but we really did not want to loose any curls. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful mom in the neighborhood that has a salon in her house. (Quick, easy, and friendly.) He sat ok for a 15 month old, and I am glad to say we still have curls.