Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warm Day Inside

January 2nd

We were having a fun day at home and got some great pictures of the kids. Uncle C and Aunt E gave the kids these great fleece sweatshirts. They all love wearing them, and with the cold weather here, we have needed them.

Milk Dud can now get a snack without saying a word. He gets us to go into the pantry, he points for his favorite thing to eat, and sits down at the little black table. We now call the table his snack table. After the flu, he has been eating like crazy and hardly stops all day. Here he is enjoying a snack at the black table.

Candy and Ice Cream are still enjoying the WII. They have been good about knowing how much they get to play. Milk Dud knows that you swing the remotes and something happens. He wants a remote all the time and knows the difference if we give him a real one or something else. If anyone has a WII remote that is broken let us know as we need one for him. He also loves to have it tied to his wrist. I guess he is starting early.

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