Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday Outing - No School

January 23rd

No school meant a fun day out with all three kids. We were lucky enough to have some friends join us for the day.

Milk Dud loves balls, and this ball pit was just perfect for him.
Milk Dud had gone down the slide a few times by himself and then Candy came over and thought he needed help. I think he is telling her, "Go, I can do without your help!!!" He really did not care, and she helped him a few more times.

Ice Cream wanted to take Milk Dud all they way to the top of the two story tunnels in the play area. Milk Dud thought this was great until he wanted to go different directions.....mostly down. We were trying to get him to the top so we could get out faster.

Ice Cream went down the huge slide with Milk Dud. I got a few pictures, but since I went first, I was still a little dizzy once I got to the bottom.

Here are a few group shots I was able to get.

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