Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cookie Week

In our house, we usually do a cookie day. That is we try and get everything done in one day and by the end we are VERY tired and have really sore feet. This year, we had Papa Popcorn here for a whole week so we spread things out and did a little everyday.

I LOVED it and so did the kids.

Here is a list of what we made this year:

Cut Out Cookies (frosted )

Gingerbread Men and Women (frosted)

Star Cookies

Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Bugles with Almond Bark and M&M's

Mound Balls

Popcorn Balls


Peanut Brittle

Butter Horns

Things we missed this year:

Caramels, Chocolate Krinkle Cookies, truffles....

(I think some will have to be done for Valentine's day.)

Papa got these new bands for his rolling pin and help us roll the dough the same everytime.

It makes a GREAT cookie.

The kids love sprinkles and we taught Milk Dud to help also.

Here are some of the cutout cookies we made.

These are the Bugles "Ice Cream Cones" we made.

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