Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 kids - 4 different states

We did it!! Twice in one year we had four families together. Once was this summer around the 4th of July and the other was for Christmas. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful place for the festivies to take place (thanks again for the cabin use). One little problem....Candy started having a belly ache, and after about 1 hour, the FLU hit. We left very fast because we were so worried we would pass it to the other families and ruin their Christmas. We were glad to be able to see everyone and were very sad it was cut short. As you can see, we took these pictures at the beginning and Candy looks great!!! Little did we know that this flu would be BAD!!! (We were able to keep it only to our family, but we all shared this flu bug over the next 9 days.)

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