Saturday, January 10, 2009

Church Program

December 14

Our church put on a wonderful program with the children again this year. Ice Cream was one of 4 readers in his grade. He did a great job, and we are very proud of him for speaking in front of the whole church. He was also able to sing a few songs. Ice Cream's class was the nativity scene, so if you did not have a speaking part you were part of the nativity. Someone must have told them to go up there and play their part. So when the 2nd graders were suppose to sing, the 4 readers joined the nativity scene to sing. Well, the nativity actors forgot they were also to sing so Ice Cream and his 3 other friends had to sing all by themselves. It was quite cute.

Candy had a few singing parts. She did not belt it out like last year, but her family could tell she was singing. She just loves singing and most days can be heard off by herself singing something. As I type this, I can hear her playing in her "fort" singing something she is making up.

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