Friday, January 9, 2009

Black Friday

November 28

For those that do not know, we love shopping in Papa Popcorn and Nana Banana's town on black Friday. It is much smaller town and has most of the stores we want to go to. We can also always talk people into watching the kids sleep at 4:00 am (thanks Uncle Pizza, and Nana for helping out.) We were able to find some wonderful gifts, and many things for ourselves. Doughnut and I just really enjoy the time together but we were really tired that night.

I was given a wonderful birthday gift from my parents and it was to take a pie making class. Since my aunt heard I was taking a pie making class, she said I could bring pies to Thanksgiving at her house. My class was the weekend before. As I was walking out the door, the phone rang and the class was cancelled. I then was worried about making pies for Thanksgiving. My mother (who is a wonderful cook) said we could make them at her house, and she would teach me. The class sent all the recipes we were going to make so we were set. We ended up making 6 pies!!

We made: Blueberry, Cherry, Pecan Pie, Honey Chocolate Pecan Pie, Chocolate Carmel Banana Pie, Carmel Apple Pie

Candy is always ready to help in the kitchen!!!

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