Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Eve

December 24th

We spent Christmas Eve enjoying each other and celebrating. We started the day with back bends. Not sure why, but the kids all of a sudden started doing them. Milk Dud tried to copy (that is all he is doing is copy, copy, copy) but could not quite get it.

We then decided to make our lefse. We did not even comb hair before we started. It is a messy process. We all ate as much as we wanted and had plenty left. Papa mixed all the lefse the night before and the guys took turns frying as I was busy rolling.

We then got ready for church with time to spare for a few beautiful pictures. I have been trying to get in a few extra pictures as I am usually behind the camera.

When we arrived at church NO ONE was there. I think the whole family thought I had the wrong time by hours. I had only missed it by 1/2 hour so we had time to take more pictures before people even arrived at church. I think being this early is a first for our family.

I just have to remember this for next year.

We had a wonderful meal back at home. We celebrated with crab legs, meat balls, mashed potatoes, lefse, fruit, and cookies.

We open gifts on Christmas Eve. We all recieved many wonderful gifts and were blessed. We then had everyone get into their Christmas pj's and had one last surprise for our family. We got wii for the family. We have really enjoyed the family evenings playing and taking turns. We played for a few hours and then headed to bed for Santa to come.

Candy and Ice Cream have been planning Christmas Eve since Thanksgiving. They were going to have a sleepover together so they could get up early to check out their stockings. They moved their beds together onto the floor in Ice Cream's room, set up all their favorite things around them, and fell right to sleep. As they fell asleep, I needed to go finish Milk Dud's stocking. I have made us all stockings. Last year he was little and someone gave him a great stocking, so this year I had to get it done. I finished it by 10:00 pm!!!

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