Saturday, January 10, 2009

Santa - check your list

December 13

Ok - seeing Santa was a, all day process. We arrived at the mall around 10:00 and waited in line for 45 minutes to find out that our "time" to come back would be at 2:00 which conflicted with a birthday party Candy was going to. So, we asked if we could come back sometime after 5:00, and they said we could. Now, dressing three kids and getting them back again was a little tricky and Daddy had to go to work. We made it, and everyone asked for what they wanted. Milk Dud cried for the two pictures they let me take but stopped when the hired people took it.

Milk Dud asked for new shoes.

Candy wanted a boogy board that is straight. (a sled that is long and straight not a saucer)

Ice Cream asked for Bokugan.

(There was more on their list but this is what they asked for in person.)

This is us just waiting for our turn. Since they were all dressed up, I thought I would take some photos. I really do try to get the Christmas cards done early.

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