Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flu - Flu - Flu

Ok - After Candy was sick before Christmas, we had 2 whole wonderful days of thinking she was the only one getting sick. We enjoyed lots to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but we awoke the next morning to Pizza and Ice Cream sick. We soon heard that Papa was not feeling so great. By the end of the day, we were getting a little worried. Then Milk Dud started being sick. Nana, Doughnut, and I could only wonder if we had made it or if we were next. We spent days cleaning, washing and caring for someone that was sick.

We canceled our family party and were lucky my cousin was able to host everyone else. Pizza was feeling fine and Candy wanted to go so they left for the day of family fun. Doughnut and I were afraid of being carriers or of getting sick while we were there. Nana was the next to go down.

We were able to send everyone home on Sunday thinking, "wow, we made it." Doughnut went to work on Monday, I took the kids to a fun activity in our Moms Club. About 5:00 pm called Doughnut to say we were on our way home and I was not feeling so great only to hear he was already sick and did not know how he would get home. We made it home. Lucky for us have some great neighbors that took our kids for 3 hours while we rested. We then put them to bed and felt good enough the next day to tag team the kids. It was a long day, but thankfully we are over it!!!

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