Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Day

December 25

These are the stocking I have made for the kids. We have the names going across the front. I just love them and was really glad to get Milk Dud's done before Santa arrived. This is how they looked Christmas morning.

All three kids got what they asked Santa for.

Candy - "boogy board that is straight"

Milk Dud - "squeaky shoes"

Ice Cream - bokugan
Santa was kind and gave them each a few other things. They were excited to both get sleds, stuffed lovie animals, undies, socks, books, and candy.

Uncle Pizza really enjoys when one kid sits on his lap, but today he got all three. I think I will have to remind him of this as he was the next one to get the flu.

Candy and Milk Dud helped Papa peal the potatoes. We had a tasty turkey dinner.

We needed to try the new sleds out so we headed outside after supper!!

We ended the day with a little more snuggle time and a new movie. Milk Dud does not watch t.v. yet but he snuggled in for this picture and then went to bed.

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