Monday, June 15, 2009

Isaac's Birthday - April 11th

April 11th

Ice Cream's acual birthday is April 11th. He was able to bring in treats to his classroom on April 10th. (I know we celebrate a TON!) He wanted to bring in cookies for his class. He was able to handout cookies to his classmates and then with all the extra cookies the kids get to walk around the school and find teachers to share with. We went to the 1st grade teacher right away (she will always be a favorite) and we found the gym teacher working outside but he did share with most of the other staff.

We headed out of town for the weekend (also Easter) and celebrated at Papa and Nana's house. We got doughnuts for breakfast which is a favorite for all.

Took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt down the street at a local school. It was for kids up to 7 and Ice Cream was dissappointed when he found this out. Since it was his birthday and he had only been 8 for a day they allowed him to join in!! Lucky for all of us.
Milk Dud was the only one that got lots of pictures at the hunt. The others moved to fast! He really enjoyed finding the eggs and once he knew there was candy inside it was even better!
Face on an 8 year old!! Where does the time go?

Ice Cream was able to get a few gifts from Mom, Dad, Candy, and Milk Dud. He got a Wii game, and a Rip Stick. He was really excited about everything but he really wanted a Rip Stick.

Yes, another cake for the family to eat!!

He slept in Papa's office and built himself a fort to sleep under. This is how we found him!

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Ms. Huis Herself said...

Glad to see some posts again - we were getting lonely for you! Sorry to hear Candy was sick! NO fun!!!

It was good we got to see you, even if only briefly, last weekend! Take care & keep posting - we love to see the pix!