Monday, August 11, 2008

Pool Time on Vacation

After a 5 plus hour car ride we were all ready to head to the pool. Wow - it was fun!!

Here are a few of the highlights from the pool

Ice Cream found out that he is good at doing somersaults.
He can do 4 in a row without taking a breath. The next time we
were at the pool, he did 5 with one breath.

Candy loved that she could go down the slide by herself and swim to the edge.
She also really worked on her pulling and kicking under the water.
We have some swimmers here.

Milk Dud thought the water was a little cold and would
rather be in the hot tub.
We did take him down the water slide on our laps a few times ,but
he did not seem to like it or not like it.

The water slide was really fun for all!

Ice Cream felt great slam dunking the ball.

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