Monday, August 11, 2008

Club Day

Another new activity for the summer. With only a few weeks to go we found out that Ice Cream can climb a wall!! We had a fun day with friends at the climbing wall. He had difficulty at first but then quickly figured out what to do and made it all the way to the top to rang the bell. He was frustrated that he could not do every wall. I had to explain that this was not just for kids it was for people with long legs. Ice Cream said, "I have long legs." I said, "Yes, but Dad's legs are longer so he has to have a tougher one to do."

Candy, fresh off the weekend at the small slide at the hotel, wanted to try the large slide at the club. We have been there many days and she had never asked. Well, today we found out she is tall enough and can do it all by herself. We stayed by the slide for along time and will be going back soon.

It is always more fun with friends at the pool.

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