Monday, August 25, 2008

Cabin Fun - Triathlon Weekend

For those that did not know, Doughnut and Nectarine did a triathlon this weekend. More at the bottom. We made a weekend of it. Another family that participated in the race joined us at the cabin. We had Saturday to stay out of the sun, get rest, and prepare. No one said that would be easy with 5 kids but we did our best and this is how our no sun day went!!

Jet Sking - jumping off the trampoline

Water Skiing - kids went a few times. We just watched them from the jet ski or shore. Not one of us wanted to tire our arms for the big swim!!

Ice Cream tried knee boarding again. We tried it last year and it did not go well. This year he had a great time and he even showed off by using only one hand to hold.

Friends across the lake came with their boat and took us tubing. What fun to see them and know they are on the same lake.

Kids spent hours looking for frogs, making the sand box into a frog swamp and holding them.

Ended the night before the race with a fire, light-up bracelets and early bed times.

Milk Dud had a great day and was one of the only ones that stayed out of the sun!

Race was early. So we do not have many pictures as Uncle Pizza got their late. (Trying to get 5 kids ready in the morning is harder than it looks. Thanks to Pizza, Papa and Nana for watching all the kids.) We left around 6:40 am and headed 5 miles into town. It was a cool morning and nerves were tight. Not sure how much sleep we each got.
Got our equipment set up and headed to the beach to hear instructions. There were 5 total from our neighborhood that decided to join. It was a first for all of us. I, Nectarine decided to do this and others joined in on the fun. It was a great training and talking about what we would do or not do. We each decided our mountain bikes were ok but seeing all the faster bikes I think a few of us had bike envy.
We started with a quick 1/4 mile swim in a cold fresh water lake. I think once we started no one thought about the cold at all. Then we biked around that lake for 12 miles and closed the race with a 5K (just over 3 mile) run.
All in all, we all did GREAT!! We did far better then we expected and felt good that afternoon and the next week. We are glad the first one is over and I know a few of us will be back for more next year. I am sure you want to know so, Nectarine beat Doughnut by under a minute. If anyone wants to join us next year we would love to have you.

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Ms. Huis Herself said...

I'm so impressed! Good for you two!!!