Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carnival Night

February 6th

Today we were busy. We had a few extra kids so the moms could go to the school to help get ready for the carnival. (The carnival is a fundraiser/family fun night at our school.) I helped by watching a few extra kids. We did craft projects for about 1 hour and played the rest of the time. Milk Dud was excited I let him look at the beads for awhile.

Nana was able to keep Milk Dud at home at the last minute. We were glad for the help. The carnival is crowded, and we had to work a booth so it would be difficult with Milk Dud. We were ready to go, and we told Milk Dud that he would get to stay with Nana. He then found Candy and moved her in front of Nana and put Nana's hands on her. Then Milk Dud went over to the door as if he was going with us and Nana could have Candy. We just laughed that he was trading Candy for him. He is such a smart child. Then later that night he found his coat, snowpants, and shoes and was going to go look for us.

We were busy at school playing lots of fun games.

Candy got her hair colored. Her scalp was tinted for a week!

This is the fish races! We did not win.

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