Monday, February 23, 2009


February 19th

I really like to bake. It makes me happy when I know my family and friends really enjoy what I have made. Today we made buns to go with supper. We have not made them for a while, so my family was excited. Milk Dud could not WAIT for them to be done. We kept checking on them to see if they were ready. He was very sad, as you can see below, when we had to wait longer. We did not wait for dinner and ate a few as soon as they were cool enough.

Last year, for Ice Cream's birthday, we were talking about what to bring for a treat to his class. He said, "Mom, I would really like to bring your buns for everyone. I know you have to bring in store bought food but that is what I would really want." (We thought that was great for a 1st grader to choose buns over sweats.)

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Alana said...

I love your buns too!!! :)