Monday, October 27, 2008


We were boo-ed... a fun tradition that is going around our neighborhood. We have done it for the last few years, and this year our kids could not wait to get boo-ed. What happens is a family brings a treat to your door, rings the bell, and runs away. This leaves you with a cute note and a task of passing it to two other familes. We place a boo sign (pictured below) on our door so people know not to boo us again. Getting back to the kids .... Any time the door bell rang, they ran to see if someone boo-ed them. So once we were hit, they could not wait to get someone else (we went out to get others the same day we were hit. (I am not sure if the getting the treat or going to boo someone else is the best part.) We booed one family. It was fun to see Ice Cream run up to the door not realizing the door bell was broken and then have to go up there again. This happened many times before he would believe it was broken. We could see our friends in the window and Ice Cream had to carefully sneak to the door. Maybe being a spy is in his future. Candy, on the other hand, would not leave my side. She just waited in the back to see what happened. We had a great night and really enjoyed ourselves.

Here is a web page with how to start in your neighborhood.

You can see Ice Cream put on his darkest jacket so no one could see him. Then Candy wanted to have a dark jacket and I said she does not get close enough for people to see her and she said, "OK".

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