Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pop Corn and a Principal Sundae

We finished "I love to Read Month" at school with a bang!! The school of 150 students was challenged to read 108,000 minutes in the month of February. Last year, they read 107,999 minutes so they were going to beat it by ONE minute this year. I heard from Ice Cream many times this month, "if I had only read one more minute last year." Well, Ice Cream loves to read, listen to us read, and listen to books on tape. His goal was to have 100 minutes a day because he knew many days he would be over and might get about 1000 a week. If the school met the large goal, they would get a popcorn party and the Principal would be made into an ice cream sundae. The school ended up reading over 140,000 minutes in those 28 days in February. Ice Cream had the most minutes read in his class, so he was able to help make the Principal into a sundae. It was fun to go watch. The kids were very proud of themselves.

The first picture is the second/third grade teachers. (They have combined classrooms with both grades in each room.) Then Ice Cream's classmates.

Ice Cream getting his popcorn.

Principal becoming a sundae.

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