Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy - spring break starts

March 5th
We were lucky to get our nieces for a visit on Doughnuts birthday. We surprised Ice Cream at school and watched the sundaes. Then we went outside as it was warm and there was just enough snow left to get in a few runs. (There was a HUGE pile of water at the bottom so we all were wet and dirty when we got in. Sorry, Auntie for sending all the snow stuff home WET and DIRTY!)

Happy Birthday Doughnut!! We had a wonderful celebration on Thursday, March 5th. Daddy wanted homemade pizza, and brownie triffle for supper. We then were able to surprise him with a few new gifts one being Mario Cart for the WII. Everyone got into it. It did not take Milk Dud long to know how to turn the wheel.

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CEBrecht said...

the wii is so intense - i love that LB got into it!!! :o)