Thursday, April 2, 2009

St. Patrick's Day ....I know I am behind

March 17th
I know we are not Irish, but how can you not have fun and we Swedes can think green, right? Candy's preschool had a leprechaun come and leave footprints, and green snacks at school and I think the leprechaun decided to come home with us because we had a mess on St. Patrick's Day. The kids woke to find foot prints on their faces, gold candy money all over the floor (his bag of gold must have ripped), and green milk in the fridge. It was exciting for our household.

We had conferences tonight (April 2nd) with Ice Cream's teacher. She had to tell us how excited Ice Cream was on St. Patrick's day and how all the kids were really jealous they did not get gold coins at their house. I am not sure they were excited about the milk.

Milk Dud does not drink cow's milk for the most part. He just does not want it. But turn it green and he was willing to try it. He did not like it but he tired it. The other two children would not even try it. Thanks to Dad for finishing it so it would not go to waste.

We all wore green and had to take a few quick pictures.
Milk Dud turns 18 months tomorrow!

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