Sunday, February 14, 2010


We have been missing for MONTHS!! I know and if you are still looking for us we are still around. We have been busy but I have also found other things to do with this time. (Found facebook and that takes most of the computer time.)

We thought we would try and get back to posting a little. We made some fun Valentine's again this year. The kids each picked what they wanted to make out of a magazine and they turned out GREAT!!

Ice Cream made a space ship with google eyes. It said, "You're Out of this World." I was able to attend his class party and the kids loved looking and laughing at them. He got a lot of great compliments.

Candy made a beautiful flower out of hearts. She cut all the hearts out and I helped with the middle and leaves. If we had more time she would have done all of it but we needed to get done.

I did not get to attend Candy's class party but I think she enjoyed giving them out.

Candy also just got her hair cut and it turned out a lot shorter then we asked for. It is really cute and will grow. The first thing she asked for was a pony tail. (It was not long enough for one before we cut it but she thought it might be now.)

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CEBrecht said...

CUTE Valentine's! The kids look so grown up all of a sudden... the short new do and I's hair is so dark!
Glad you had a great weekend! Glad to see you back blogging!