Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics 2010

We had a great Valentine's Weekend.

We were lucky enough to have Papa and Nana babysit all afternoon and evening on Saturday and Doughnut and I were able to do a little shopping and have a relaxing meal out! We really enjoyed our time and the kids had a blast. The kids went to the movies and then enjoyed being with Nana and Papa. I am lucky to have a GREAT VALENTINE to share the weekend with!

On Sunday, Valentine's day, we had a pajama day. We all slept in (does not happen here as we are usually at church) but today we let them sleep in.

We are really excited for the Olympics and we made a score board to watch how many medals the USA will take. We spent quite a big of time cutting out medals, snow flakes for our boarder, and finding out we already had 4 medals. We had to color the silver ones as we did not have gray paper but the other colors were as close as we could get. (We did not plan this, it just happened.) Ice Cream stayed with the project the whole time (usually he hates crafts) and Candy was in her glory. We are excited to see our chart fill up in the next two week. We think our medals might be too large and we will overlap by the end.

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