Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween started early went long

Wow - we have a lot to say about Halloween. We had a great time and did LOTS of things.

Papa B and Grandma B came and helped carve the pumpkins. The kids thought it was great, and they loved showing their pumpkins to the neighbors.

Since school was out on Halloween, we had an early party at Ice Cream's school on Thursday. We were excited to see all his friends dressed up, and they had a great time with all the games that were planned. Ice Cream was a Wizzard and loved caring his Halloween Cat with him. (He is into Harry Potter books and loves cats, so this was a combination of both loves.)

(We also used this last year, and he wanted it again.)

Thursday night was GEORGEOUS here. We had 70 degree weather. It was perfect for a parade around the neighborhood. We walked about a mile. Since all the kids were in the parade with their parents, no one really watched, but everyone has a good time. As you will see, our kids have a few costumes and can choose anything as long as it is not too cold. It was a great day for a parade. The first parade was cancelled 5 days pior since it was WINDY, COLD and we saw some snow flakes.

Finally, the day was here. Since there was no school, I planned a busy day of events. (I did not want to hear all day "is it time to go yet.... time to go yet...") Maybe I planned a little too much. We started the morning with a wonderful playdate with friends across town. They all had a great time, and we enjoyed lunch with them. We then headed to Doughnuts work to Reverse-Trick-or-Treat as we like to call it. We hand out cookies to the people working. We made 225 cookies, but since we had to come at around lunch time many peole were gone. We had a few left. (You can find the recipe for the cookies here.)

We then went to Candy's preschool and had a small party there. Candy and her teacher look great together.

We had one small stop left before heading home. I scheduled a flu shot for Ice Cream. The rest of us already had ours.

Oh, I almost forgot about the pizza. We tried getting pizza, but after waiting almost an hour after calling and then standing in line to pay for 1/2 hour, we went somewhere else and ordered pizza. (Mental Note: next year make something at home save pizza for another day.)

Now that all were fed, we were ready. The kids all had a Pooh costume and they wanted to have them on at the same time. We like dressing up here. We are surprised that Ice Cream would wear Pooh outside, but he was fine with it. He also knew it was warm and did not want to get cold. He looked great and got many comments.

One last change and we were all in our Disney attire.

Nana was able to handout candy for us so we could all go out. Milk Dud lasted 2 hours being carried around with us. It was another warm evening so everyone was happy.

Neighbors all ready to go!!

This is a loot picture. They got WAY to much candy, but I love how they only ate a few pieces and have not really asked for it at all this week. This picture does not do it justice.

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Alana said...

WOW! I love all the new pictures. You guys have been busy! Looking forward to seeing you soon!