Monday, November 17, 2008


November 7, 2008

We went from short sleeves to snow in 3 days. We were expecting some snow but not for another day according to the weather report. Everyone was excited. Candy was so excited for Milk Dud to have his first snow experience. I had to explain he was here last year.
She said, "Yeh, but he was to little to see it."
It lasted most of the day but was gone before Ice Cream was off the bus.

It was a beautiful first snow.
Milk Dud was fine until he put his hand into the snow.

I guess I have to find mittens and boots for this little one soon.

Kids at the bus stop were really excited.

Ice Cream trying his arm out.

Neighbor could not wait to even put on a coat. I thought this was so cute. He is 4.

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Alana said...

WOW! We didn't get anything substantial here---E was so disappointed! Soon enough, I'm sure.....!